Yaba Postal Code / Zip Code / PostCode

Yaba Postal Code

Are you in search of Yaba Local Government of Lagos State’s Postal Code? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place as we have helped you to decipher the postal code of the area.

Communicating with our loved ones is as important as the oxygen we breathe in every day. You will like to know how they feel and how they are doing, right? But this will not be possible had it been postal codes and telephone calls are nowhere to be found.

With Telephone calls, you can get in contact with your loved ones but at a very expensive rate. Network provider does charge a lot. But with Postal Code, you actually spent less of your money.

  • What Is Yaba Postal Code Or What Is The Zip Code Of Yaba Local Government / Street Name

    • 905102

Postal codes were developed by the United State Postal Service (USPS) for all the countries around the globe. The motive behind that was that they wish to enable people to communicate to each other over a long period of time. And also, to provide an alternative for the expensive telephone calls.

Even though the means of communication in the pre-telephone era is through sending a message. It was a very tedious activity and hours are always gone before the delivery of the message. But with postal code, that is now in the past. The Postal codes were developed uniquely for each country. However, within each country, where there are states, there is also variation in the postal code number.

Yaba Postal Code

What Is The Zip Code Of Yaba Postal Code

It does stop at that. Within State, there are also Local Governments, right? Yes, each of these local government also shows variation with respect to the postal codes even though the variation usually lies at the last digit. Then, the district within the local government always has the same postal code as that of the local government in entirety.

Such is the case for Yaba Local Government area of Lagos State and as such, we have helped you to decipher them. Check it down.

Street name Zip Code

  • Kutara – 905102
  • Kwago – 905102
  • Kwakwa 905102
  • Kyawu – 905102
  • Lafia Yaba – 905102
  • Managi – 905102
  • Nadichi 905102
  • Nagun 905102
  • Nassarawa 905102
  • Nowog 905102
  • Nyembo 905102
  • Pako Base 905102
  • Panagu 905102
  • Pandaji 905102
  • Pankuru 905102
  • Panpari 905102
  • Piowe 905102
  • Sabongida 905102
  • Sarowo-Abdu 905102
  • Selifulyu 905102
  • Shadad 905102
  • Soitan 905102
  • Takpeshi 905102
  • Talpa 905102
  • Tanaga 905102
  • Wapa 905102
  • Yelwa 905102 
  • Yelwa Gawu 905102
  • Zuwa 905102
  • Abuja 905102
  • Adagba 905102
  • Afo 905102
  • Akori 905102
  • Alampa 905102
  • Allu 905102
  • Ayaba 905102
  • Bari-Bezi 905102
  • Bazi-Bezi 905102
  • Busga 905102
  • Chakun 905102
  • Chundugo 905102
  • Dabbare 905102
  • Dara 905102
  • Dewu 905102
  • Domi 905102
  • Dum 905102
  • Ekki 905102
  • Fakon Tando 905102
  • Gadabiri 905102
  • Gari 905102
  • Gasakba 905102
  • Gasukpa 905102
  • Gawu 905102
  • Gawun 905102
  • Gidan Maisaye 905102
  • Gurdi 905102
  • Guruza 905102
  • Gwanda 905102
  • Gwona 905102
  • Jamigbe 905102
  • Kafako 905102
  • Kpace 905102
  • Kularida 905102

Top 10 Interesting Things to Know About Yaba Local Government of Lagos State

Yes, you may know much about Yaba Local Government Area of Lagos State but on a serious ground, how much do you actually know about the area?

Do you want to know what you don’t know? Then, sit back and read through our content as we broaden your knowledge about Yaba Local Government Area of Lagos State.

Yaba, a technology-driven place in Lagos, is a suburb located on Lagos Mainland. It houses many Federal Government institutions which include The Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, University of Lagos, Queen’s College etc.

Also, the area is a technology-driven area with most of the tech-startups like Andela, Cc-Hub, Hotels.ng etc. are located there. Looking at the way technology is moving in the area. There is a hope of serving as a tourist center.

Yes, I know all these but do you actually know the following facts about Yaba Local Government area of Lagos State? Let see if you know

Yaba Postal Code / Zip Code / PostCode

Facts About Yaba Local Government Area of Lagos State

  1. Do you know that Yaba is known as the Heartbeat of Lagos Mainland? Yes, it is also known as that looking at the way technology is fast growing in the area.
  2. Do you also know that Sabo Yaba, which is among the areas located in Yaba Local Government area of Lagos State, is sometimes referred to as the tech nerve center of Lagos State? This is coupled with the fact that most of the start-ups in Yaba are located there.
  3. Jacob Mews Estate, which is a premium residential estate with flats, maisonettes, and townhouses and was developed by Gran Imperio Group. Other estates include Lagos State Development and Property Corporation (LSDPC) Estate, New Court Estates etc.
  4. Ebute Meta, which is an area in Yaba, means Three Shores
  5. Do you know that most of the buildings in Ebute Meta are built during the Colonial Era
  6. Do you know that about 100, 000 residents, if not more are living in one area of Yaba Local Government of Lagos State? Do you wish to know the area? The area is Makoko Community.
  7. And do you know that the same area lacks the basic social amenities, infrastructure, and sanitation? In fact, the community was a target for demolition in 2012 by the Lagos State Government
  8. Do you know that a typical two 92) Bedroom flat in Yaba Local Government area of Lagos State costs about 27 million to 30 million Naira?
  9. Do you know that the best people to live in Yaba Local Government of Lagos State are middle and low-income earners?
  10. Do you know that the first place Mark Zuckerberg Visited on his visitation to Nigeria is the Cc-HUB which is located in Yaba, Lagos State?

Yaba is among the fastest growing area in Nigeria looking at the way technology and other modern amenities are fast growing in the area even though some area like Makoko still lacks the basic infrastructural amenities.

Conclusion On Yaba Postal Code / Zip Code / PostCode

Postal codes, as small as they look, have actually made life an easy place for us. I wonder how the World will be without postcodes / Zip Code. With postal code, you do not have to worry as to when your message will be delivered; it is like instant messaging.

Good Day – Cheers.


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