Wuse 2 Postal Code / Zip Code

Wuse 2 Postal Code / Zip Code

Do you want to send a message to your loved ones in Wuse Local Government of Abuja, FCT? or you are filling a for that require your location Wuse 2 postal code. If your response is yes, then you have come to the right place. You just sit and watch as we decipher the codes of Wuse Local Government to you.

Among the reason why we are united as humanity is the fact that we do communicate with one another. Communicating with one another enables us to know how we feel and what is happening to us. However, this will not be possible unless there are a means by which we accomplish that.

Wuse 2 Postal Code is 900281

The two common means of communication are either through mobile calls or via postal messaging. Both of them are different due to the variation in their means of message transmission.

What is their Difference?

Many will agree that communicating with our loved ones through mobile calls is very intriguing as it allows us to have a direct voice contact with them. This is not possible with postal messaging. However, postal messaging seems cheap compare to the high-priced mobile phoning.

Why Postal Code

Postal codes were formed or developed by the United State Postal Services (USPS) with the aim of allowing individuals to communicate to one another most especially those in a faraway place. The number was developed for each country as a unique number in order to prevent mix up during delivery

For every country, there are States which usually have different postal code from each other even though they are quite similar to the country’s designated code. Also, local Governments within a State also take up different postal code just like the districts with a local government. Same is the case with Nigeria and all the 774 Local Government in the country including Wuse 2.

The Postal Code of Wuse 2 Local Government Area of Abuja, FCT is 900281

Streets Postal Code

Arugha Cr 900281

Bulao St. 900281

Choma St. 900281

Delta St. 900281

Garowa St. 900281

Gondet St. 900281

Harper Cr. 900281

Humanbo Cr. 900281

Kaolack St. 900281

Kayes St. 900281

Kigali St. 900281

Massana St. 900281

Nouachchott St. 900281

Oran St. 900281

Sultan Abubakar Way 900281

Sunyani St. 900281

Umme St. 900281

Yanorach St. 900281

Angola St. 900281

Bechar St. 900281

Burundi St. 900281

Faranmi St. 900281

Gabes St. 900281

Gaborone St. 900281

Kisiamu St. 900281

Khartoum St. 900281

Korhogo St. 900281

Kribi St. 900281

Kumba St. 900281

Lavumisa St. 900281

Mambolo St. 900281

Micheal Okpara St. 900281

Naimey St. 900281

Quagadougou St. 900281

Senanga St. 900281

Sultan Abubakar St. 900281

Tourggourt St. 900281

Abidjan St. 900281

Al Fayyam St. 900281

Algeria St. 900281

Aswan St. 900281

Bamenda St. 900281

Casamank Cr. 900281

Conakry St. 900281

Diourbell St. 900281

Herbert Macaulay Way 900281

Lubumbrasiru St. 900281

Lukulu St. 900281

Maputo St. 900281

Matadi Cr. 900281

Mosadishu St. 900281

Nampola St. 900281

Ndande Cr. 900281

Olusegun Obasanjo Way 900281

Safar St. 900281

Yele St. 900281

Addis Ababa St. 900281

Bancrat St. 900281

Constantins St. 900281

Farmah St. 900281

Herbert Macaulay (N) way 900281

Hontserrado St. 900281

Ibrahim Babangida Way 900281

Kainji Cr. 900281

Kasim Ibrahim Way 900281

Ladi Kwali St. 900281

Manzani St. 900281

Mexnes St. 900281

Mogadehu St. 900281

Portsad St. 900281

Safi St. 900281

Zuez Cr. 900281

The Second Zone of the Wuse District, Wuse 2 is a neat, comfortable neighborhood in the Northwestern part of the Federal Capital Territory and in fact, it is a safe and appropriate place to spend your next vacation.

Top 10 Interesting Things About Wuse 2

Among the residential Zone in Wuse District, is Wuse 2. Wuse is one of the many districts in the Abuja and in fact, it falls in the phase 1 development plan of the federal capital territory.

Yes, you know that. But, how much do you really know Wuse 2 Zone? You want to know what you don’t know. Then, sit back and read through our article as we decipher the hidden truth to you. Enjoy the read:

Wuse 2 Postal Code Zip Code

Wuse 2 Postal Code Zip Code

10 Interesting Things to Know About Wuse 2

Many residents of Wuse 2 Zone are unaware of some peculiar facts about the area. Hence, this article aims at showcasing the facts you don’t know about Wuse 2 Zone of Wuse District of the Federal Capital Territory. Let go

  1. Do you know that Wuse 2 is one of the seven zones in Wuse District and in fact, there is another Wuse 11 apart from the Wuse 2?
  2. The Postal code of Wuse 2 Zone of Wuse District of the Federal Capital Territory is 900281 and it is through this unique that you send a message to your loved ones in the area via postal messaging.
  3. How many major roads do you know in Wuse 11? I bet you don’t know them all. Well, they are Nnamdi Azikwe way which separates Wuse on the west side from Mabuchi, Utako, and Wuyi.
  4. Other Major roads in Wuse 11 include Aminu Kano Crescent, Ahmadu Bello Way, Micheal Okpara Street, Kasim Ibrahim Street, Adetokumbo Ademola Crescent, Sani Abacha way, Herbert Macaulay Way etc.
  5. Wuse 2 is a neat, comfortable neighborhood in the Northwestern part of Nigeria’s Capital, Abuja.
  6. Do you know that Wuse 2 is a home to most of the finest hotels? Yes, it is and in fact, it is a great place you can base yourself during a vacation to Abuja.
  7. Do you know that the closest Airport to Wuse 2 is Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport? I bet you don’t know that. Yes, it is and in fact, it is about 30 miles away by road.
  8. Whenever you are planning on going to a vacation in Wuse 2, the best way is by taking an airport shuttle from companies like ABV but you can also take Uber Cabs or rent a car when you touch down?
  9. There are ten (or more) hotels in Wuse 2 and they include Barcelona Hotels, Bjorne Suites, Nest Suites and Spa, Kryxtal Suites Wuse 2, Sigma Apartments, Quo Vadis Hotel, Kapino Suite, House 14, Barcelona Residency, and Immaculate Suites and Apartments (though under construction)
  10. Do you know that Wuse Market is Abuja’s Most Popular market located in Zone 5? Yes, it is and in fact, that is where the second most important postal office is located.

Conclusion Wuse 2 Postal Code / Zip Code

Postal code, since its invention, has been serving as an alternative to the high-priced method of communicating with our loved ones. Even though it lacks the direct voice contact that the mobile method provides, it is still the best in the minds of many since it allows people to communicate with each other at a very low price.

Hope you find this article helpful?

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