Surulere Postal Code / Zip Code / PostCode

Surulere Postal Code / Zip Code / PostCode

Sending messages to our loved ones in a faraway place like Surulere requires lots of tremendous activities.  Thanks to Postal code that was introduced by United States Postal Services (USPS). Indeed, the postal code has been serving as a catalyst in delivering our messages to our beloved ones. Well, it will continue to do that.

Within every local government, there are districts. Such is the case with Surulere local government too. Postal codes are designed to be unique for each local government within a State. However, there is usual variation among the districts within a local government even though the variation lies only at the last digit of the postal code. What I am trying to say is that each district only differs from each other at the last digit of the postal code.

What is The Post Code Of Surulere Local Government Area?

  • Surulere Postal Code – 210100

The postal code of Surulere local government area of Lagos State is 210100 with the last digit varying depending on the district of the local government

Also, within each district of the local government are streets which therefore represent the local government in totality. Thus, each one of these streets has a unique postal code.

In this article, we will be looking into the postal codes of streets in each district of Surulere local government area of Lagos state. Let’s go there:

Surulere Postal Code / Zip Code / PostCode

Gambari/Baya District

  • Aba Kae 210105
  • Abewo 210105
  • Abogunde 210105
  • Abuduka 210105
  • Ajase 210105
  • Alate 210105
  • Aresejowi 210105
  • Asileke 210105
  • Baya Oje 210105
  • Biro 210105
  • Egbeda 210105
  • Gambari 210105
  • Gbede 210105
  • Igbon 210105
  • Iyelu 210105
  • Jabata 210105
  • Kangi 210105
  • Mumuni 210105
  • Olooye 210105
  • Oloya 210105
  • Paasi 210105
  • Patiko Oloya 210105

Iresadu / Arolu District

Adudu 210102

Aganyan 210102

Alagbede 210102

Alayin-Elebekebe 210102

Arolu 210102

         Ayetoro 210102

Baasa 210102

Baba Egbe 210102

Elesinmeta 210102

Fasina 210102

Gbena 210102

Idi Opele 210102

Idi oro 210102

Idi-ori 210102

Igboile 210102

Ikle Odu 210102

          Ikunsin 210102

Ilosin 210102

Iranyin 210102

Iregba 210102

Iregba Bankole 210102

Iresaapa 210102

Iresadu 210102

Kulodi 210102

         Labanju 210102

Labode 210102

Lekewogbe 210102

Maya 210102

Ogala 210102

Ojo 210102

Okiti 210102

Olowosoke 210102

          Olukosi 210102

Omonijuku 210102

Pooro 210102

         Sadiwin 210102

Sapati 210102

          Yakoyo 210102

Iwofin District


Aba Araoye 210104

Ajegunle 210104

Alayin 210104

          Bagbaji 210104

          Budo Oni Eran 210104

          Igbo-Ile 210104

Iwofin 210104

Oke-Asaa 210104

Olorombo 210104

Onisa 210104

Oniyeya 210104

Opatoyin 210104

Owode 210104

Temidire 210104

Oko District

Aagba Ijado 210103

Ajagunsi 210103

Aserawo 210103

Bale Oba 210103

Ebila-Temidire 210103

Ikolo 210103

Ilajue 210103

Ilogbo 210103

Ipasa 210103

Iware 210103

Laege 210103

Mayin 210103

Mumi 210103

Odanbon-Adare 210103

Ogede 210103

Oko 210103

Okolo 210103

Onikeke 210103

Oosu            210103

                          Origi              210103

Owoaso 210103

Panda 210103

Surulere Postal Code / Zip Code / PostCode

Top 10 Interesting Things to Know About Surulere Local Government of Lagos State

You think you know Surulere Local Government area of Lagos State well? I bet you do not know some couple of things. You want to know what you don’t know about the area? Then, sit back and read through our content as we broaden your knowledge about Surulere Local government area of Lagos State.

The Former Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, Lagos State is one of the blessed States in Nigeria. Apart from the bountiful of resources, the state is also endowed with local governments that have a unique history.

One of these local government is Surulere Local Government Area. But, what are the fact about this Government area? You want to know, Let move.

Located on the Mainland of Lagos in the State, Surulere is a residential and commercial Local Government Area.

Surulere Postal Code

Surulere Postal Code

Facts About Surulere Local Government Area of Lagos State

  1. Do you know the population of Surulere Local Government area of Lagos State? I bet you don’t. You wish to know? Here it is. According to the 2006 national population census, there are about 503,975 inhabitants with 21, 864 inhabitants per square kilometer
  2. Do you know that Surulere is also called the sport city of Lagos? Yes, it can also be called that. This is due to the presence of two international sport venues in the area. These avenues are Teslim Balogun Stadium and National Stadium
  3. Surulere is famous for its streets which include Adeniran Ogunsanya, Adelabu, Ogunlana Drive, Bode-Thomas and Eric Moore
  4. Do you know where the former governor of Lagos State came from? I know you must have guess. Yes, you are correct, he is from Surulere. In fact, he had his early childhood there where he attended Eric Moore College
  5. Do you know that some suburbs in Surulere has inspired many themes in popular cultures? I guess you don’t know that. Yes. Example is the chaotic bus station used by Femi Anikulapo Kuti to depict the theme of poor governance in Nigeria and many more
  6. The Nigerian Football Association Headquarter was located in Ogunlana Drive, which is an area in Surulere Local Government.
  7. Do you know that Surulere is the home of the popular bus station called Ojuelegba? Yes, it is
  8. Do you know that some of the historic events like Festac 77, U17 FIFA World Cup 2009, Origin of Nollywood etc. all took place in Surulere? Yes, it is a historic area.
  9. Surulere is a Yoruba word that means Patience is a Virtue and has its reward
  10. Surulere is both a commercial and residential Government Area of Lagos State.

Surulere Local Government area of Lagos State is one of the most famous Local Government in Lagos. This is due to its ancient history and also as a result of the many historic events that have taken place in the area over the years. Indeed, the real meaning of the Area-Patience has rewards- explained the great metamorphosis the area has encountered.

Conclusion On Surulere Postal Code Zip Code

Knowing the postal codes of where your beloved ones live is of paramount importance as it fastens the delivery of your message. And do not worry about the safety of your message, trust me it is in safe hands. You just walk into any postal office and do the needful.

You see what internet can turn the World into. With Postal Code, all of us are connected to each other.


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