Maitama Postal Code / Zip Code

Maitama Postal Code / Zip Code

Are you planning on sending messages to your loved ones in Maitama Local Government area of Abuja, FCT? or you are filling a form that required your location Maitama Postal Code? And you are in need of the postal code of the area? If your answer is yes, then this article is meant for you. You just sit back and enjoy the read as we decipher the postal code of Maitama Local Government to you.

Why the Need for Postal Code?

But why actually gave rise to postal code? Yes, many have asked that question and the answer is: The postal codes were developed by the United State for Postal Services (USPS) in order to facilitate communication between people especially those over a long period of time

Maitama Postal Code is 900271

Due to this financial differences, many people bought the idea of sending messages to their loved ones through postal messaging. Hence, Postal codes were given birth to.

There are Variations in Postal codes

As you know, within each State, there are Local Government Areas, which also have them districts. However, the only point in which there is variation in the postal code is at the level of local government and district.

The postal code of Maitama Local Government area of Abuja, FCT is 900271

Street Name Postal Code

Akore Cr 900271

Amsteam St 900271

Asa St. 900271

Barawa St. 900271

Cesteem St. 900271

Challawa Cr. 900271

Cuito St. 900271

Komoe Cr. 900271

Lake Cha Cr. 900271

Limropo St. 900271

Madeira St. 900271

Ngadda Cr. 900271

Nue St. 900271

Ofiki St. 900271

Ona Cr. 900271

Onega St. 900271

Ontario Cr. 900271

Onwul Cr. 900271

Orange Cr. 900271

Osse St. 900271

Punji Cr. 900271

Rio Gaia St. 900271

Rudolf St. 900271

Sambreiro Cr. 900271

Tana St. 900271

Taraba Cr. 900271

Usuma St. 900271

Volta Cr. 900271

Wuye Cr. 900271

Yapa St. 900271

Zaire Cr. 900271

Zambezi Cr. 900271

Zamfara Cr. 900271

Aguyi Ironsi St. 900271

Alvan Ikoko Way 900271

Amazon St. 900271

Batanji Cr. 900271

Danube St. 900271

Dep. St. 900271

Erie Cr. 900271

Euphrates St. 900271

Gana St. 900271

Ibrahim Babangida Way 900271

Inner Northern Express Way 900271

Katsina Ala Cr. 900271

Kunene Cr. 900271

Lena Cr. 900271

Mississippi St. 900271

Murtala Moh’d (N) Way 900271

Nile Street 900271

Nnamdi Azikwe Way 900271

North Transit Way 900271

Orinaco Cr. 900271

Osun St. 900271

Panama St. 900271

Rhine St. 900271

Rime St. 900271

Ruwana St. 900271

Sangha St. 900271

Shasha Shagari (n) Way 900271

Tanganyika St. 900271

Tennesse Cr. 900271

Tubo Cr. 900271

Uruguay St. 900271

Vaal st. 900271

Vattern St. 900271

Volga St. 900271

Yes, the means of communication in the pre-telephone era is via sending messages, maybe through someone. The process is usually very tedious and may even take hours to days before delivery. In fact, the security of the message is in doubt. But with postal codes, characteristics of the pre-telephone era became a thing of the past.

Also, there will never be mix up of messages during delivery as the postal code were uniquely developed for each area. Right?

Top 10 Interesting Things About Maitama

Are you a resident of Maitama District of Abuja, Federal Capital Territory? And you are in search of facts about the area? If yes, welcome to the right place. You might want to sit back and read through our content as we reveal to you the facts you probably don’t know about the area.

Just like Gwarinpa, Maitama is also one of the major districts in the Federal Capital Territory and particularly located in Phase 1 development plan of the territory.

Maitama Postal Code Zip Code

Maitama Postal Code Zip Code

10 Interesting Things About Maitama District

Many residents of Maitama District are unaware of the facts about the area. And as such, this article aims at highlighting the facts about Maitama District of Abuja. Enjoy the read

  1. Do you know that Maitama is a home to most of the embassies and high commissions? I bet you are unaware of that. Yes, they are located there hence, the high-tech infrastructural facilities seen in the area.
  2. Maitama District of the Federal Capital Territory is an exclusive and expensive area where the crème de le crème and top politicians of our dear country live.
  3. Do you know the five major roads in Maitama District? I bet you don’t know them all. However, the major roads are Muritala Muhammed Way, Shehu Shagari Way. Ibrahim Babangida Way, Agonyi Ironsi Street and Gana Street
  4. How many notable places do you know in Maitama District? Well, they are many and they include
  1. Transcorp Hilton Hotel
  2. British Council
  3. Holy Trinity Catholic Church
  4. Ministers Hill
  5. Nigerian Communication Commission, NCC
  6. National University Commission, NUC
  7. Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC
  8. Miatama General Hospital
  9. The Dunes
  10. A class Park
  11. Merrit House and many more
  1. Do you know the postal code of Maitama District of Abuja? I bet you don’t. Well, the postal code of Maitama is 900271 and this code can be used to send message to your loved ones in Maitama District.
  2. Do you know that a house cost between twenty million and 1.3 billion Naira in Maitama District? Yes, it does and that is why most of the residents are politicians.
  3. Do you know that the altitude of Maitama District is 1919 feet (584 in meter)? I guess you don’t know that.
  4. Also, the latitude and longitude of Maitama District of the Federal Capital Territory are 9.1031 and 7.4944 respectively.
  5. Hotels in Maitama District are Abuja Love belt, Lake Chard Guest Palace Transcorp Hilton, Algon Guest House, De Peak Hotels, Maitama Guest etc.
  6. Maitama District was named after Maitama Sule (1st October 1929-3rd July 2017) who is a Nigerian Politician, acclaimed Orator diplomat elder-statesman, and the Dan Masanin Kano.

Conclusion Maitama Local Government area of Abuja Postal Code

Unlike other district located in Abuja, Maitama District is one of the many expensive places to live in the Federal Capital Territory. In fact, most of the top-notch Nigerian and international politicians abode there. This spells out the reason for the highly developed infrastructural facilities seen in the area.

I hope you find this article helpful?

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