Lekki Postal Code / Zip Code / PostCode

Lekki Postal Code

Are you looking for the postal code of Lekki Local Government of Lagos State? If yes is your answer, then you are in the right place. You just sit back and read through our content to know the Lekki Postal Code of your area and interesting details about this place. Enjoy the read.

Back in the olden days when communication to our loved ones in a far-away distance is very difficult. But thanks to technology that leads to the designation of postal codes to each street district within a state. With postal code, you can send messages to lots of people irrespective of the size.

Postal codes are numerically assigned to each area within Nigeria in order to connect all areas together. These codes were introduced by the United States Postal Services (USPS) for each country. Then under every country, there are states that have a very similar postal code to the one designated for the country at large.

In this article, we will be looking at the various postal code of the areas within Lekki Local Government of Lagos State. However, on a general note, the postal code of Lekki LGA is 105102. This number is expected to be the same for all the streets found within the region.

Unlike other Local Government areas in Lagos State, Lekki has the same postal code for all the streets located within the area.

Lekki Postal Code / Zip Code / PostCode

  • Abaketa – 105102,
  • Aboreji – 105102,
  • Akodoise – 105102,
  • Apakin – 105102,
  • Apakun – 105102,
  • Ebute Ilosu – 105102,
  • Ebute Lekki – 105102,
  • Folu – 105102,
  • Idaso Magbo Segun – 105102,
  • Idata 105102,
  • Ide Kekere – 105102,
  • Ide Nla – 105102,
  • Idotun – 105102,
  • Igbekodo – 105102,
  • Igbogun – 105102,
  • Igbolomi – 105102,
  • Ikegun – 105102,
  • Ilagbo – 105102,
  • Ilege – 105102,
  • Ilogbo – 105102,
  • Imagbon Segun – 105102,
  • Imedu – 105102,
  • Imoba – 105102,
  • Imosan – 105102,
  • Ise Owode – 105102,
  • Itamarun – 105102,
  • Itoke – 105102,
  • Kosu – 105102,
  • Lekki – 105102,
  • Lepiya – 105102,
  • Mafogunde – 105102,
  • Mogido – 105102,
  • Ode Omi – 105102,
  •  Ogogoro – 105102,
  • Okegelu – 105102,
  • Oko Oba – 105102,
  • Okun Folu – 105102,
  • Okun Oriyanrin – 105102,
  • Okunalye – 105102,
  • Okunise – 105102,
  • Olomowewe – 105102,
  • Oniganrigan – 105102,
  • Onigbedu – 105102,
  • Oniyanrin – 105102,
  • Origanringan – 105102,
  • Osokoro – 105102,
  • Osoroko – 105102,
  • Otolu – 105102,
  • Pepemeta – 105102,
  • Poka – 105102,
  • Siriwon – 105102,
  • Tiye – 105102,

Conclusion Lekki Postal Code / Zip Code / PostCode

In conclusion, postal codes have done a lot in easing our life as most of the technologies also do. With postal codes, you can now send a message to that your friend in the North? Isn’t that great?

With postal code, you do not need to worry yourself, you just walk into any of the postal offices and send your message, easy right?

Lekki Postal Code Zip Code PostCode

Lekki Postal Code


        What makes Lekki so special? What is the catch? Hearing the word ‘LEKKI’ for the first time, it sounds expensive, where big men and women will definitely want to be, people with high standard in the society, people of importance but Lekki is a place for all.  It is definitely a place to be, what do you want, where would you like to visit, what do you need, what kind of food do you like that can’t be found here? Lekki has it all. A city in Lagos with classy homes, popular beaches, nightlife, and a good network. The neighborhood is home for every one of income earners, you get to meet a lot of people with different characters, lifestyle, and goals in life and see what drives most people in life. Most artists visit very often because of the atmosphere, weather climate and most of all what this place has to offer.

Still On Zip Code Of Lekki Postal Code

Lekki has so many interesting facts, places, events, there are no dull moments, expect the best.


You are probably on a business trip, excursion, honeymoon, date night, holiday and looking for a place to stay. Lekki has got so many hotels and the best part is very affordable perfect getaway home. Hotels are very suitable for lots of side treats like room service, perfect window views, constant power supply etc. You’ll see hotels like Pelican hotel, Oakwood hotel, and Palazzo Dumont hotel for travelers and visitors.


There are so many restaurants located in Lekki for the benefits of all. Different shawarma and pizza joints have been spotted with great tastes. Some restaurants specialize in delicious African delicacy in a modern setting, different dishes even Indian Thai food, any food of your choice.                                                                


A large shop with smaller shops in it for the sale of different items, foodstuffs and a great sense of lifestyle and fashion when it comes to clothes, shoes and other accessories. Lekki is known to have one of the best shopping malls. Lekki is also surrounded by a lot of film houses and cinemas showing recent and captivating movies or your choice at affordable prices with side popcorns and drinks.


It is opened to the public. Recreational Centre’s were established so people get to find places to go during leisure time, family time, and couples time. You get to have fun and time to yourself and family. Meetings are held at a recreational Centre, sports are played and any outdoor activities you can think of. Lekki has got this Centre’s made for everyone. Children get to have fun in Centre’s like amusement parks like dream world Africa and Fun factory.


Well-furnished Properties for rentals, short stay, vacations, business trips and also apartments to be bought and sold. Find your dream property with your expected budgets and needs.


International schools and local educational institutions, It has most of the best schools and affordable for mid-high income earners. It has both boarding school and day to day enrollment. No child should lack education.


Special health Centre’s for all kinds of patients, quality medical services are rendered. Health Centre’s like Budo Lagos specialist hospital, Me cure healthcare limited with full treatment packages and highly sophisticated doctors.


A library is a quiet place where you get to explore books of different history, science, art and get to enlighten your mind about your environment and the world as a whole. Both public and private libraries with the aim of providing knowledge to all


Those interested in taking a dive after a busy day or just for fun are opportune to have places like this. Fitness spas, good gym for workouts, are great steps to keeping a healthy body. Lekki provides high-class swimming pools with swimming instructors and classes for both adult and children.

Still On Zip Code Of Lekki Postal Code

Brief History of Lekki

Hey guys, how is your day going? Have you ever wonder what gave birth to Lekki? I guess your response will be on the negative side. Don’t worry, we got you as we have dissected the history for you to know in this article. Let roll together

Do you know that the Lekki you know today was initially referred to as Maroko which is a slum for poor people to inhabit? Oh yes, it was. Unfortunately, the slum was later destroyed by the then State Military Government led by Raji Rasaki.

Before the destruction of the poor people home, about twenty-five years ago, there was an occurrence of slum-related disease which resulted in death. This drove most of the people out of the slum to save their head. Then, the bad treatment by the military soldiers under the watch of Raji Rasaki also began. He was then working under the directive of the Military President Ibrahim Badamosi Babaginda.

Even though the eviction script in the early hours of July 14, 1990, was executed with a high military precision and with lack of intention to take prisoners, the soldiers were emboldened by the lack of resistance from the terrified children and women to kick down doors, blowing roofs more and taking women and girls against their wills, mimicking a real war scenario. Maybe it was the first freedom they got to get involved in official violence.

Home got scattered with many families running up and down in order to connect with their likes who also ran for their lives. They sustained a varying degree of injuries that cause some to lose their lives and leaving some with everlasting body injuries. In fact, some of them even fell into uncovered well that were in their path during the flight.

That once darken and the impure place is what is today refers to as Lekki where most of the expensive real estate’s assets are located. But did you see the irony of life? The today Lekki started out as a slum!!!! And fortunately, the bad history tagged with Maroko died with it as the name “Lekki” was employed.

Lekki is today located on the Atlantic Ocean East of Lagos City and also on the Lagos Lagoon. As at now, it is a rapidly enlarging area located on the coast. The area or region is endowed with many architectural areas like Lekki/Eleko Beach, Oso Lekki Backwaters, and Brazilian/Portuguese Relics made the area a tourism goldmine. It also serves as a gateway to the South-East of Nigeria.

The area is poorly served with buses and taxis as most of the residents are of high-income individuals with most of them having their cars. In addition, Lekki is also endowed with a seaside pleasure garden and water sports.

That’s all about Lekki Postal Code.


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