Ikorodu Postal Code / Zip Code

Ikorodu Postal Code LGA

Are you in search of Ikorodu Postal Code, then you are in the right place as we have helped you to get the postal code for all the streets within Ikorodu Local Government area of Lagos State. You just sit back and read through our content.

Postal Codes were introduced by the United States Postal Services (USPS) and the motive behind it is to enable people to be able to send a message to each other irrespective of the geographical area.

Postal codes are specific for a country and within each country, there are States that also take up part of the numerals of the country’s postal code. Local government within the state, however, also take up some numerals out of the State’s own and usually varies only at the last digit.

Ikorodu Postal Code – 


Ikorodu Rural       Postal Code

  • Abe Abo 104101
  • Abuke Ajeregun 104101
  • Abule Igbira 104101

Abule Oba 104101

Abule Okuta 104101

Aga 104101

Agbaga Araromi 104101

Agbala 104101

Agbede 104101

Agbede Agbaje 104101

Agbede Alase 104101

Agbodo Kekere 104101

Agodo Nla 104101

Agura Ikorodu 104101

Ajana 104101

Ajepadi 104101

Akanum 104101

Aleke 104101

Araromi Ikorodu 104101

Bagidan 104101

Dagbolui 104101

Ebute Iga 104101

Ebute Itasin 104101

Ebute Malete 104101

Eginrin 104101

Elepete 104101

Erikorodo 104101

Ewenla 104101

Ewu Balogun 104101

Gbadi 104101

Gberigbe 104101

Idafa Ajeregun Idirogbo 104101

Idi Orogbo 104101

Igbaga 104101

Igbo Olomu 104101

Ijomu 104101

Imagbon 104101

Imota 104101

Isiu 104101

Itamagba 104101

Itaniope 104101

Itele 104101

Laketu 104101

Ligbodu Ikorodu 104101

Logun Logun 104101

Losi Oba 104101

Majoda 104101

Maya Nla 104101

Maya Village 104101

Mopelifa 104101

Mowo Kekere 104101

Mowo Nla 104101

Odogunyan 104101

Ogudugbu 104101

Ojogbe 104101

Oke Afa 104101

Oke Egan 104101

Oke Ijebu 104101

Oke Oko 104101

Okelisa 104101

Okokoro 104101

Olorunda 104101

Imi Igo 104101

Orimedu Oloye 104101

Parafa Alagemo 104101

Poro Ojuolugbo 104101

Ikorodu Postal Code Zip Code

What Is Ikorodu Postal Code Zip Code


Irepodun Postal Codes

Abule Ajebo 104102

Abule Eko 104102

Abule Odudu 104102

Abule Oguro 104102

Abule Onipepeye 104102

Abule Osorun 104102

Abule osota 104102

Abule Poro 104102

Afa 104102

Agunfoye/igbogbo 104102

Agunfoye/Imota 104102

Aiyetoro Irepodun 104102

Ajegunle Irepodun 104102

Apeje 104102

Baiyeku 104102

Egbin 104102

Ewu Elepe 104102

Ewu Olorisa 104102

Ewu Soba 104102

Fadahin 104102

Gbagbowa 104102

Gberigbe Orelade 104102

Gberigbe Owa 104102

Ginti 104102

Ibelefun 104102

Ibere 104102

Ibere Isasi 104102

Ibese Balogun 104102

Idiroko Irepodun 104102

Igbe Bale 104102

Igbogbo 104102

Igbokuta 104102

Igbopa 104102

Igbore 104102

Igbowuro 104102

Ijede 104102

Ilado Ona 104102

Imota 104102

Iponmi 104102

Irepodun 104102

Lajo 104102

Lodo 104102

Maya 104102

Mopeifa 104102

Morekete 104102

Offia (Irepodun) 104102

Oke Agbo 104102

Oke Ira 104102

Oke Olokun 104102

Omojoda 104102

Oreta 104102

Owode Bale 104102

Pepe Owode 104102

Poro Boge 104102

Poro Fitini 104102

Salabo 104102

Still On Ikorodu Postal Code / Zip Code

Brief History of Ikorodu

Hey guys, how is your day going? I know you are a resident of Ikorodu Local Government area of Lagos State? But do you know the history of the area, where its roots lie?

To talk about the history of Ikorodu means we are actually talking about the history of people whose ancestors, according to the available evidence trace back to the Remo stock of Yoruba tribe who intended to settle on a mountain and as such named it Okorodu, a word which means Odu farm

As time goes on, the name Okorodu changed to the present name- Ikorodu. The truth of the whole history seems to slope toward the favour of Oga as the pioneer of Ikorodu. With this, the Remo link is linked in the origin of Ikorodu. In fact, the tribal marks found on the males of the early settlers in Ikorodu resemble that of the Remo. Such tribal marks can also be found on the face of The late Oba Adenaike Alagbe.

Afterward, migrants from Benin came into the land by passing through Iki in Ogun state. Oki is a place where virtually the entire land belongs to the Olisa family of Ikorodu) to the area now called Ikorodu.

The wealthy and powerful man called Eregbouwa from the ancient Royal family of Oliha of Benin City was the leader of the Benin Migrants. With the children of Akarigbo, Benin people settled down amicably and as such the farm started to grow into one large area. Afterward, the Obaship institution was surrendered to the line of Akarigbo while the Olisaship institution was surrendered to the Benin settlers. Meaning that monarch was practiced by the Oba while Kingmaker and the Prime minister of the city-state were practiced by the Olisa.

 The high position of the Olisa which is the next in rank to the Oba in the city was borne out in his attribute or cognomen in the Yoruba metaphor: noble gentlemen who administer their town. This, of course, is done subject to the authority of the Oba and it presupposes that the cordiality between the Oba and the Olisa should be impenetrable. This was the traditional arrangement. Osugbo, the Awo Opa, the Inomu and the Eluku, which are the institutions and deities were designed for the good administration and peace of the town. 

Ikorodu is divided broadly into three for ease of democratic representative. These divisions are called

  1. Ijomu
  2. Aga
  3. Isele,

All of them are represented in Osugbo, which is the highest administrative organ in the town. Osugbo was headed by the Olisa as chairman of Iwerefa while Oluwo serves as the administrative head. Smaller divisions called ‘itun’ in the town are adjoined in the three major larger divisions of the Area.

In line with this, the Ikorodu’s emerging administrative design make sure that the Olisaship and the Obaship belong to the two original families of Oba (Lasunwon and Rademo) and the Olisa respectively. Both the Obaship and Olisaship are traditional and hereditable titles.

Unlike other local government in Lagos State, Ikorodu started out well and this is still maintained by looking at the physical structure of the area.

Conclusion On Ikorodu Postal Code / Zip Code

One of the beauties of the internet is the communication capability it provides. Among the bounties of the communication capabilities it provides is the Postal Messaging. Postal Messaging is, however, possible only with Zip Codes.

The Postcode enables people to connect to one another. Hence, making the world a small place. With postal code, sending messages to your loved ones will be less, if not none, tedious.


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