Gwarinpa Postal Code / Zip Code

Do you wish to fill a form or send message to your loved ones in Gwarinpa Local Government area of Abuja, FCT? And you are in search of the Gwarinpa Postal Code of the area? If your response is on the positive side, then you are in the right place. You just sit back and enjoy the read as we decipher the code to you.

Communicating with our loved ones is as important as the air we breathe in as it tells us about how they feel and what is happening to them. It enables us to have a connection with them even though they are in a faraway place. But how do we communicate to them, most especially if they are in a faraway place like Gwarinpa Local Government of Abuja, FCT?

There are two common methods of doing that. On one hand is through mobile phones and the other end has postal messaging. These two are different from each other as their means of transmission also varies.

Gwarinpa Postal Code is 900108

Mobile Call Versus Postal Messaging

Communicating with our loved ones through a mobile call is fascinating as it allows us to have a direct voice contact with them. However, it poses a little challenge on the issue of finance as it cost more than postal messaging. Postal Messaging, on the other hand, seems to be cheaper even though it might take days before the message is delivered.

Why Postal Code?

The United State Postal Services are saddled with the responsibilities of providing unique numbers for every country to serve as a means by which individuals communicate with each other. These unique numbers are called Postal Code.

The numbers were uniquely developed for each country in order to prevent the mixing up of messages and to also prevent misplacement of the message either during delivery or during transmission.

Nigeria was not exempted during the process and as such, there is a postal code designated also to Nigeria. However, States within a particular country have a variable postal code even though that of the country must reflect there.

Also, this variation continues to the level of a district with local governments having different postal code just like every district too. However, town or streets within district usually take up the postal code of the district in which they are located. And as such, they are the same.

The Postal code of Gwarinpa Local Government is 900108

Street Name Postal Codes

  • Gwarinpa Federal Housing 900108
  • Gwarinpa Life Camp 900108
  • Gwarinpa Village 900108
  • Kado Federal Housing 900108
  • Kado Village 900108
  • Katampe 900108
  • Kuchigoro 900108
  • Mabushi 900108
  • Utako 900108

Gwarinpa Postal Code / Zip Code is 900108

Interesting Things to Know About Gwarinpa

Are in search of facts about Gwarinpa District of Abuja, Federal Capital Territory? If yes, then you are in the right place. You just sit back and read through our content as we revealed to you the facts you don’t know about the area.

Gwarinpa District is one of the many districts located in Abuja and it is particularly located in Phase 3 development plan of the territory. Its popularity rose to the brim when Gwarinpa Housing Estate, which was said to be the biggest housing estate in West Africa, was built.

Gwarinpa Postal Code Zip Code PostCode

Gwarinpa Postal Code

10 Interesting Things About Gwarinpa

Most of the residents of Gwarinpa are usually unaware of the facts about where they live. Hence, this article aims at highlighting the facts about Gwarinpa District of Abuja. Enjoy the read.

  1. Gwarinpa is about 15 minutes’ drive to the Central Business District, which of course is also one of the many districts in Abuja.
  2. Do you that Gwarinpa can be either be accessed through Murtala Muhammed Expressway (Kubwa, Suleja, and Kaduna) or from Ahmadu Bello Way (Through Wuse 2)? Yes, those are the two ways through which Gwarinpa can be accessed.
  3. The distance between Gwarinpa and Abuja Airport is about 20 km.
  4. Do you know that Gwarinpa is actually a residential area? Yes, it is. However, recently humanity serving businesses like banks and eateries are coming up spontaneously in the area.
  5. Most of these businesses are located on the three major roads in Gwarinpa. These roads are First. Second and third Avenue.
  6. Do you that Gwarinpa Housing Estates has in it other smaller estates?  I bet you don’t know that. Well, the large land mass of Gwarinpa Housing Estate accommodated them. These estates are Federal Ministry of Works and Housing Estate, War College Estate, FHA Estate, Abuja Model etc.
  7. There is another residential area within Gwarinpa District called Life-Camp.
  8. And Do you know that most of the construction companies in the Federal Capital Territory have their staff’s quarters located in Life Camp? Yes, most of the workers live there.
  9. Do you know that within Gwarinpa Housing Estate, most of the original beneficiaries of the buildings built by the Government occasionally offer their houses for sale?
  10. Do you know that in Gwarinpa Housing Estate, a house usually cost between two million to four billion? I bet you don’t know that. Yes, the area is highly developed area and most of the building there are somehow expensive.

Gwarinpa District, like all other districts in Abuja, is a well-equipped area with up-to-date technology. However, the once paradise-like Gwarinpa District is turning to a cesspit.  Thanks to the Environmental Agency that decided to abandon their responsibility of maintaining the cleanliness of the area.

Nevertheless, there are still some areas in the district that are still glittering like Gold. And in fact, the intervention of the government has been sought for those cesspit-like areas

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Conclusion Gwarinpa Postal Code / Zip Code

Postal codes have help to make life a better place by allowing communication between people. However, unlike the mobile phone call which seems to be expensive, the postal code looks cheap and easy.

With postal codes, sending a message to your loved ones over a long distance will be possible even though it might take hours to days to deliver. At least, it is better than the high-priced, instant mobile phoning.

I hope you find this article helpful?

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