Alimosho Postal Code / Zip Code

Alimosho Postal Code

Do you wish to send a message to your loved ones in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State? And you are in search of the postal code allocated to the area? Then, you are in the right place as we have helped you to decipher the Alimosho Postal Code for the area. And not only that, also the codes for each street in the area has also been revealed. You just sit back and enjoy the read.

Getting in contact with our loved ones is very important as it allows us to know how they feel and do, right? But not all of us have the time to travel over to them especially if it is of a long distance. So, how do we relate to them? It is in two ways.

Postal Messaging and Telephone Calls

One way is to make phone calls to them while the other is to send the message to them through postal messaging. Making Phone Calls to our loved ones is good as it allows us to hear their voice and how they feel. But it comes with a very high price especially if it is over a long distance and also of a different service provider.

However, the other alternative called postal messaging enables people to get in contact with their loved ones at a less expensive rate. Though, the voice sensation would not be possible with postal messaging.

Alimosho Postal Code

Alimosho Postal Code

Postal Messaging and Postal Codes

Postal messaging is made possible with unique numbers called postal codes. These numbers serve as the recognition number for the country, State or Area that you are sending your message to. Even though the time of delivery of the message is higher than that of telephone calls, the less expensive tag it has made it life-easing for people especially the middle-class Nigerians

  • Who Made the Postal Codes?

The United States Postal Service is saddled with the responsibility of providing a unique number for each country to serve as the Country’s Postal Code. States within the Country, however, will also take up the Postal Code with little variation among the States.

Also, Local Government within the States also take up that of the State with variation among the Local Government’s Postal codes. However, Streets within the Local Government usually take the postal code of Local Government itself unless there are districts within the Local Government. In case of the district, variation also occurs in the postal codes.

What is the Postal Code of Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State?

The postal code of Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State is 100275 and since there are streets within the area, they also take up the postal code of the Local government as shown below.

Alimosho Postal Code

Street Name                           Code

  • Abeokuta 100275
  • Adagba 100275
  • Aderanti 100275
  • Adewale 100275
  • Akinwawo 100275
  • Akowonjo 100275
  • Asela 100275
  • Bada 100275
  • Emuren 100275
  • Fajumobi 100275
  • Folami 100275
  • Jasse 100275
  • Maninde 100275
  • Odubakin 100275
  • Odutola 100275
  • Ogbomosho 100275
  • Ogun 100275
  • Ologundana 100275
  • Olowogbon 100275
  • Oni 100275
  • Osinubi 100275
  • Ponle    100275

Brief History of Alimosho
Hey guys, have you ever wonder what the history of Alimosho is? Yes, the area also has a root which we will be sharing with you in this article. You just sit back and enjoy the read.
Do you live in Alimosho Local Government of Lagos State? I bet you did not know the origin of your area? If you know, you know but if you don’t, do not be hard on yourself as we have helped you to trace back the thread beneath the needle!! Let go there
Yes, Alimosho is a Local Government Area in the Ikeja Division of Lagos State, Nigeria. Do you know that it is the largest local government in Lagos, with 1,288,714 inhabitants, according to the official 2006 Census even though the State Government disputed the official Census figures and claims a population within the LGA of more than 2 million residents)?
Currently, the local government area has been subdivided between several Local Community Development Areas (LCDA). The LCDA structure started after the administration of Bola Ilori. He was the last chairman of the old single Alimosho Local Government. Currently, there are six sub-divisions created out of the former Alimosho are
1- Agbado/Oke-Odo LCDA,
2- Ayobo/Ipaja LCDA,
3- Alimosho LG,
4- Egbe/Idimu LCDA,
5- Ikotun/Igando LCDA
6- and Mosan Okunola LCDA.
Though some might argue, historically, the urban area of Egbeda/Akowonjo is also included in The Alimosho Local Government Area Settlement.

A look into the Past

Alimosho was established in 1945 under the then Western region. The majority who dominate Alimosho were the Egbados. The Lagos State Local Government is endowed with culture, amongst which are Egungun, Oro, and Igunnu Festivals annually celebrated. Aside from the cultural heritage, the majority of the inhabitants of the council area are Islamic and Christian faithful. However, the Yoruba language is widely spoken in the community.
The root or background of Alimosho is Alashua River located on the axis of Oki and Alaguntan in Alimosho. The most recognized Baale is late Chief Kokumo follow by Lateef Sekoni, while the present Baale is Afuwape.
In Alimosho, there are many royal families which include Folarin, Kokumo, Ogunbowale, and Afuwape. The Central Mosque in Alimosho is the 3rd Mosque in Lagos with the Badagry Central Mosque and the Lagos Central Mosque taking the first and second position respectively. The Very court in Alimosho currently known as Alimosho Town Hall was actually the first court in the area even though it is no more recognized anymore by the incumbent government, and the Baale of Alimosho, which is not also recognized by the government due to political reason.

There you have it. There is nothing as sweet as knowing the historical background of where you and your family lives. That will enable you to have an insight into the nearest future. Unlike other local government in Lagos State, Alimosho quiet grows out of somewhere and further improvement has stroked the area making it the largest local government in Lagos State.

Hope you now know the history of Alimosho Local Government

Conclusion On Alimosho Postal Code / Zip Code

With the above Postal Codes, sending the message to your loved ones in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State will be possible.

I hope you find this article helpful?


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