Agege Postal Code / Zip Code

Agege Postal Code

Do you want to send a message to your loved ones in Agege Local Government of Lagos State? And you are in need of the Agege Postal code of the area? If your response is yes, then this article is made specifically for you. You just sit back and enjoy the read.

Communicating with our loved ones is very important as it allows us to know how they feel and what is happening to them. But how do we do this without a means of communication? It will definitely be impossible.

Agege Postal Code

Agege Postal Code

Why Postal Codes

But thanks to the technological advancement that gave birth to the use of mobile phone to communicate with our loved ones. Unfortunately, the route of communication using the mobile phone comes with a huge amount of money. Thus, there is the need to introduce a less expensive means of communication. Yes, and that was how postal codes were given birth to.

Postal codes were developed by the United State for Postal Services (USPS) in order to ensure that communication between people over a large distance, similar to that of a mobile phone, is achieved. The codes were developed for each country including Nigeria. This implies that every country has a unique postal code that will be used whenever a message is to enter the country.

  • What Is Agege Postal Code – 100283

Even though the means of communication in the pre-telephone era is through sending messages, maybe through someone. The process is usually very tedious and may even take hours to days before delivery. In addition, your message is not safe. But with the invention of the postal codes, attributes of the pre-internet of reaching to our loved ones will be a thing of the past.

Since the codes were developed uniquely for each country, there will never be a mix up during delivery, right?

Postal Code Varies Between States of a Country

Within each country, there are States and the postal code of each State show a little variation from the original postal code to the Country but they are still very similar; to show that it is a State within the country.

The Variation did not hold its breath there but still venture into the components of the State: Local Government. That is, each Local Government with a State also show Variation in the Postal Code even though the variation usually lies in the last numeral.

Such Characteristics did not exempt Yaba Local Government of Lagos State and as such, we decided to bring to your doorstep the postal codes of the different Street within Yaba Local Government area. Check it out here

Agege Postal Code / Zip Code

Street name Zip Code

  • Abatan 100283
  • Abeokuta 100283
  • ACME 100283
  • Church 100283
  • Fagba 100283
  • Ogba 100283
  • Old Abeokuta 100283
  • WEMCO 100283

History of Agege

Are you in search of the history of Agege Local Government of Lagos State? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place as we have helped you to trace back the history of the area. You just sit back and enjoy the read. In few minutes’ time, you will be acquainted with the history of Agege Local Government of Nigeria.

It is obvious that many residents of the area do not actually know how the area came to be. Well, for your information, Agege did not drop from the sky, it has a history just like every other local Government area in the State. In fact, a very bright one at that.

Do you know that Agege Local Government was created in 1954? I bet you didn’t know that. Yes, it was created in the year and was operative until 1967. The Operation, however, stopped in 1967 due to a takeover by the military Government when it was merged with the Ikeja District council for a period of thirteen years.

Later in 1980, Agege was removed from the Ikeja Local Government and remained so until 1983. What happened in 1983 was that the Military took over power again and as such abolished the existing system of Local Government, meaning the Agege Governance remained with Ikeja for another 6years again.

Since then, three other local governments have been carved out from Agege L.G.A. These Local Government Areas are:

  1. Orile-Agege L. G. A.
  2. Ifako Ijaye L. G. A. And
  3. Alimosho L.G.A

With the flourishing of the kola nut plantations in the Agege area, it attracted huge settlements. If you are looking for an area that experienced rapid development and became a powerful center of the kola nut trade. Then, try and visit Agege Local Government Area. These areas serve as an attraction for different people of different backgrounds and interests such as laborers, and most of these were Hausa. The Hausa People are always engaged whenever the Yorubas needed laborers for jobs such as cutting of trees and clearing lands. The closest area where the Hausas lived was named ‘Ilu Awon Age-Igi’ which in English meaning translates as ‘Town of the tree cutters’. The name Agege was thus formed out of the word Ageigi, all because of the work.


Lagos State, as they have said, is a home of nobody. I guess it is true looking at the various kind of people that form the root of the State. In fact, virtually all the local governments in the State are either formed by a whole culture or mixture of two or more culture. That is the reason why the number of cultures in the State is so wide. In the same vein, the spectrum of Language spoken in the State is also very wide.

Nevertheless, even though some of the Local Government got their root on a very bad background, some of the actually have a very good one. One of those that started out well is Agege. And looking at the area presently, it showed that it has actually grown well compare to the previous years.

Conclusion On Agege Postal Code

Postal codes have helped to ease the affairs of our life that allows us to communicate with our loved ones over a long distance.

Each Local Government in the Lagos State has Streets within it, right? Know that these streets usually have the same postal code as that of the Local Government as a whole.



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